Wouldn't it be great if you could take the guesswork out of it

Still see amazing results, without giving up the foods you love, or breaking your back doing cardio! 

*Hear How Rashi, Sarika & Ayesha Went From Having No Clue What To Do In The Weight's Section To Feeling Confident Enough To Walk In Alone & Are Effortlessly Getting Fit, Healthy & Strong, All Whilst Enjoying Their Lifestyle... 

*Results are not typical, they depend on your effort & starting point

No More Fad Diets. UNLOCK Your True Potential, Willpower, Consistency & Solve The Biggest Reason As To Why You Haven't Achieved Results Before.

*Results are not typical, they depend on your effort & starting point

How Does It All Work?

Working one-on one with a professional Lean Boss Babe Personal Results Coach is like nothing you've ever experienced before...

Your friends and family care about you...

But they can’t offer the kind of proven guidance, support and accountability consistently that expert coaches can give you to accelerate your success.

If you can't seem to do it by yourself, or you're feeling overwhelmed and stuck...

A Lean Boss Babe Results Coach enters your life for one reason:

To Up Level Your Progress & Results In Life.

Just think about all the great women in this world who have tapped into the power of a professional coach and have accelerated their results:

The greatest of athletes like Maria Sharapova, Ronda Rousey, Alex Morgan all consistently use different coaches to meet their goals. It is hard to be great on your own...

Famous celebrities and actors like Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Gal Gadot, Jennifer Lawrence, and Hale Berry have used coaches to get to the next level. They needed help from an expert in what they were doing.

Incredible business women like Sophia Amoruso, Lucy Buckingham, Coco Chanel overcame overwhelming obstacles by working with a coach, investing in their success: whether they call it a mentor or one-on-one coach, they got help too. 

So if you need help staying committed and motivated and you're tired of falling off the wagon and of negative self talk, it's time to have a professional coach work with you 1:1 to lose the weight and keep it off forever. 


Daily communication with your coach via Messenger/ Text. 

If you don't have access to someone who listen to you or even kick your butt in to gear, you will fall right back in to your old habits. 

You'll be able to reach out to your coach at any time at all, and she'll be ready to help you.


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing overand over again, but expecting different results.”

You need a simple, yet effective tracking system to pick up on what can be improved, to pick up on what specifically needs to be changed to get on the right track. Then, you need feedback from your coach to get you to your destination - i.e. your ideal body & life.


In order to get really good at something, you need to spend time on the ONE THING that'll get you there. To have a specific focus in mind, is going to give you the drive you need to be able to reach your goals and achieve everything you imagine. 

By focusing on what moves the needle, you'll start seeing small wins AND build momentum in the right direction. 

It's also essential to create exciting & achievable goals to help you stay motivated throughout the process.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight by yourself, but find it difficult to stay motivated or keep it a regular thing, long enough to really see the changes you want, YOU NEED your own Personal Results Coach. It's time to trying something different. 

You need more than just a “gym buddy” or an “accountability partner”. You need a professional to help you with your health and fitness goals. Someone to be accountable to, to make the right decisions. 

It's time to get out of your own head. You know a healthy lifestyle is the only answer. You  just need your own personalised plan so that you can get into a routine that you effortlessly stick to

Singers, dancers, athletes, and even actors know the easy loop - to slip backwards and start making excuses, which is exactly why they have coaches… why shouldn’t you? 

Think about it, any BIG problems you’ve overcame in your life, you more than likely didn’t do it alone! Sometimes you just have to make a change and try something new. 

So here's the BIG QUESTION:

Why should you keep trying by yourself when it comes to your HEALTH, the No1. most important element in creating either the best or mediocre level of LIFE?

When you're ill - you get help from an expert doctor, when your car breaks down - you get help from an expert mechanic... so why should we put your health on the back burner?

You can't settle for less than you deserve to be physically and therefore emotionally in your life. You deserve to feel confident in yourself again. You can't continue to eat junk food that's no longer serving you, no longer going to nourish you, no longer going to do you any good both physically and mentally.

You owe it to yourself to give yourself some priority in your life. You should feeI amazing in any outfit you put on. You should love going on vacation and wearing a bikini on the beach. It's time. I literally can’t wait for you to get your very own Personal Results Coach! 

You don't have to do this on your own anymore.

Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

*Results are not typical, they depend on your effort & starting point

What Will My Coach Be Like? 

After you apply and are accepted on to the program, you will meet with Devina for your initial consultation. This is where you can see what it's like working with Devina as she'll talk through your fitness goals, take you through a workout and talk about your nutrition. All this, will help her figure out the best way to help you, to create the body of your dreams!

Having worked with tonnes of women, Devina has been able to adapt her approach to whoever she works with. 

Devina has a minimum of 5,000 hours of experience coaching a minimum of 200 different women, giving you a veteran's perspective for maximum accountability, progress, and results.

And most importantly Devina teaches from personal experience. She practices what she preaches and lives the lifestyle herself.  You deserve to work with a professional who is not only certified but also lives a life of example. 

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*Results are not typical, they depend on your effort & starting point

We Can Only Take On A Limited Number Of Clients

So if you're curious, make sure to reserve your spot and apply now.  

Devina personally devotes her time to coach every single client she has, to really help them up level their whole life. 

It's the best way to ensure that the program she delivers is to the clients' expectations, but it also means she has to limit the number of clients she works with at any given time. 

There's nothing in this world that could be a better investment than the one in yourself.

Click the button below and tell us a little bit about yourself to apply now.

After you apply, you'll get a conformation email with all the details you need to know for your initial consultation. Here, you'll discuss your unique goal and the challenges you're facing to see if our program is a good fit.

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Meet Your Personal Results Coach...

Coach Devina

Coach Devina - the founder of Lean Boss Babe has made it her mission to help women live the life of their dreams. She is an entrepreneur and business owner that has over 6 years experience in health and fitness. Coach Devina is also a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and has a Bachelor of Business Management.

Coach Devina says "The Lean Boss Babe mission is one that I believe in to my core and have devoted my life to help others overcome their challenges and truly dominate all areas of their life! I want nothing more than for you to see your true potential & harness your true power to change your life round for the better!"

One Last Thing...

If you don’t act today… when will it happen? 

Let’s face it: you put off important things that you know you need to do, and if you don’t act right now, it will never happen. 

More than likely, your is going to stay the same, until you take a bold move and do something for you for a change.

That feeling of knowing you could be doing better, you could achieve more. Not reaching your full potential, and living a mediocre life, compared to what you are truly capable of has been on your mind for too long.

I’ve been there, and it's no way to live. 

You deserve better and we're here to help.

Apply now and let's get started while Devina is still accepting new applications.

* Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.